Buckingham Palance, London Thermal Imaging Survey
Buckingham Palace Thermal Imaging Epogee
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Epogee recently joined forces with Greenwire to survey a number of public buildings in London for heatloss, using our thermal imaging camera. Buckingham Palace faired poorly in the survey, perhaps not surprising, given its vintage, however a number of quite modern government buildings performed very badly too - Portcullis House being surprisingly bad for such a modern building.

The report was published in most of the major newspapers. Here are a few examples:

The Telegraph

Daily Mail
The London Paper
The SunThe Sun(2)
Thaindian News (Thailand)
PSFK (New York)
Ecosalon (California)
Gant Daily (Pennnsylvania)
New Kerala (India)
Greener Buildings
Green Building Press
Fast Company

The 'Dirty Dozen':

1. Buckingham Palace
2. DECC (Defra) [The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)]
3. Ministry of Defence
4. Horse Guards Barracks
5. Shell Building
6. Home Office
7. Houses of Parliament
8. Treasury
9. Portcullis House
10. MI6 HQ
11. Albert Hall
12. St James' Palace

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