Epogee Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Training Course

The advent of feed-in tariffs for Solar PV systems in the UK has opened up the market. The PV industry has increased tenfold due to the attractive incentives offered by the FIT scheme, and so now is a fantastic time to get involved in the PV market. PV installation can be a rewarding and profitable business, with huge opportunities over the next few years.

The Epogee Solar Installation Training Course is well-recognised within the solar photovoltaic industry, and we are approved by the Solar Standards Association as a training provider for 'approved installer' status. The Course is recognised as a relevant qualification by the MCS scheme, and you will need to go on this course prior to applying for MCS approval. For small companies or individuals entering the market, we recommend that you set up initially under the Navitron MCS scheme - thus providing a low-cost option for entering the PV market, without the costs or requirement to to produce and operate a QMS.
  • Background
  • Potential for Solar PV production in the UK,Europe & the rest of the world
  • How to make the most of PV-produced power
  • Types of PV and Efficiencies
  • How PV works
  • Enhanced output
  • Calculating Yields - Seasonal variation, angle etc.  
  • Effect of Temperature and shading on System Efficiency
  • Introduction to PV design software, and links to free applications
  • How to design PV Systems incl. sizing arrays & matching to inverters
  • Introduction to concept of MPPT & its relevance to GT inverters and system design
  • Mounting Techniques
  • Trackers
  • Uses and Design of PV Battery-based Systems
  • Charge Control systems
  • When to use blocking diodes and bypass diodes
  • Grid-tie Systems
  • G83 & G59 Standards and their relevance
  • Legislation - Planning, Building Control, Competent Persons Scheme, MCS,
  • Selecting Cabling, Isolators & Connectors
  • Schematic Diagrams
  • Financial Returns under the FITs scheme
  • Complying with MCS for FITs
  • How to take advantage of FITs without registering for MCS
  • Warning Labels required
  • Installing and selling PV as a Business
  • Calculating Payback Periods
  • Lifecycle energy use and carbon emissions
  • Grants available
  • VAT  - how to take advantage of the 5% rate
  • Joining the Navitron EasyMCS scheme
  • Conclusion
  • Questions

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